Junk Food

Junk Food

By Adia

June 16th, 2014

           Junk food is good. There are three awesome ways to prove that. It is healthy, helps us socialize, and can easily be stored.

           Junk food is good for your heath when you eat a controllable amount of it. For example: Sugar. It can change you from a sad mood to a happy mood. Futuermore, it can help people survive though their hunger or low blood pressure. Second, Chocolate and Coke are medicines, if you look at them in a different way.  They can help an underweight patient grow back to their normal weight. Also, they can help women to suffer less during their periods.

            Junk food is good for socializing, so it is what we need in parties. We need Chip & Juice indeed to make us look good when we invite our friends to came over for a movie, a sleep over, or a house party. For instance, we need to buy cheese cake for a western style birthday party. Popcorn is specifically good for business purposes. Cinplex doesn’t make enough money just selling movie tickets, so even today we still have Cinplex, which means we should be thankful to those Junk Food Companies.

            Junk Food is good at being stored. First example: Instant Noodles. These can be easily stored by putting them in a cool, dry place for 3 years. They can be easily served anywhere as long as you have a bowl of hot water. They are an ideal workaholic’s food. In the same way, canned pickles are easy to store in your fridge for 1 year. If you put a slice of it in your hamburger, it’ll spice up your taste buds at an affordable price. As an illustration, jerked meat can be stored for 2 years, if it is isolated from CO2. It gives your tongue an admirable taste and has no fat on the meat.  It is a very suitable food for families with small children.

            Junk Food is what we need in 2014. Any Junk Food can become a treasure of yours, when you eat in moderation.