Cutest Rabbit


rabbit species

To the uninitiated, rabbits may look alike: long, alert ears, distinctly clear eyes, fluffy fur, cotton ball tail, and over-the-top cuteness factor. But did you know that there are perhaps as many rabbit breeds as there are rabbit supplies? You can enter all rabbit breeds to rabbit shows by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, but the top 10 breeds entered into the open exhibitors category are the following:

1. Mini Rex

rex rabbit

The mini rex rabbits, which include the castor, chinchilla, Himalayan, and others, are compact, small rabbit breed with small ears and fairly think face. The fur of the mini rex are soft like velvet, and they’re well-tempered rabbit perfect as pets. You don’t need expensive rabbit supplies to groom min rex’s. You can just wet your palm and run it over your rabbit’s fur backward to remove loose hairs and minor matt.

2. Netherland Dwarf

netherland rabbit

The Netherland dwarf or simply dwarf rabbit belongs to the fancy breed of rabbits. The breed has short ears, apple rounded head, compact body, and it comes in different colors. You can even get a calico Netherland dwarf. If you want a fancy, predictable type of rabbit, then get a Netherland dwarf.

3. Holland Lop

The Holland lop breed can grow up to 4 pounds. The breed belongs to the compact type of rabbits with small but massive body, round, short head, and lopped ears. The general temper of Holland lop breed is calm, although the females can be overly shy. The breed’s medium-length coat, however, may need special rabbit supplies for grooming.

4. Satin Angora

satin rabbit

A satin angora has long fur on the body, cheeks, and sometimes on tip of ears. The breed’s hair strand are unusually hallow that gives it a satiny shimmer, thus the name satin angora. It’s got medium body length and rounded physique, oval head, and upright ears. This breed can be heavy growing up to 6 to 9 pounds.

5. Dutch


dutch bunny

The Dutch rabbit breed can grow anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds with med short, rounded body. The coloration of the breed is very distinct: there’s always a color that runs from the ears down to the cheeks leaving white coloration from the chest that goes narrower as it goes up the head in between the ears and widens again as it reaches the back. A Dutch rabbit makes an enjoyable pet rabbit temperament wise.

6. New Zealand

new zealand rabbit breed

Don’t be fooled by the breed’s name “New Zealand” rabbit; the breed originates from America. The breed typically belongs to the farm rabbit type growing up to 11 pounds! The original breed of New Zealand rabbit has white fur; the color variants resulted to cross breeding with other rabbit breeds. Be prepared to stock rabbit supplies like rabbit feed because a New Zealand needs to eat more food to support its large body.

7. Rex

farm rabbit

Another big rabbit breed is the Rex growing anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds. If you want a big, satiny furred rabbit that you can hug, then the Rex is for you. They are very playful by nature and very friendly rabbits. However, the males tend to be rough if you don’t have it neutered.

8. Mini Lop

mini lop bunny

A mini lop can grow up to 6 pounds with compact muscular body. Although very sweet, the breed tend to be less active compared to other pet rabbit breeds. You have to do a lot of encouragement before you can see mini lop shake its bunny tail. You might also stock on rabbit supplies for grooming because they tend to be messy when shedding.

9. Jersey Wooly

jersey wooly bunny

The Jersey wooly is a very cute, fancy rabbit that grows only up to 3 pounds. It’s got thick wooly fur and extremely gentle temperament that makes the breed perfect house rabbit. But the Jersey wooly’s thick coat may need brushing at least once a month, more when they’re growing up and shedding their baby fur.

10. Florida White

white rabbit

The Florida white belongs to the compact type of rabbit with short, rounded body, round head, and thick upright ears. Like the name of the breed suggest, they’re purely white with pink eyes. A Florida white is fairly tempered when they’re properly socialized while they’re young; you may need to neuter or spay this rabbit breed to keep them behaving perfectly.