By Adia


            Alcohol is bad. There are many ways to prove that if you take a solemn look at issues of history, destroying families, and wild parties.

            Alcohol did a lot of damage in history. People are getting killed in drunken car crash every second all over the world. The Famous 5 saw alcohol as an evil, which lead up to Prohibition in the United States from 1920 – 1933. A famous songwriter Freb Fisher wrote a popular song about drinking named ‘Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town)’ in 1922.  It still touches a chord in many people today.

            Alcohol made a lot of families suffer. I heard a true story about bear hunting in 1980s. One day, a young boy got up as early as 5a.m. and secretly got drunk, so he could become brave enough to kill a bear on his own and to make a bear into a sculpture for his father’s birthday the next day. His father was worried and quietly followed him, but he thought his father was a bear in the dark. The next day, he wake up and realized he made his father into a sculpture. Alcohol addiction destroys marriages and friendships. Husbands and wives experience violence instead of happiness within marriages.

            Alcohol has done a lot of damage in wild parties. It prevents people from having judgment, since it leads to violent & raping and other much worse crimes. Many people are taken to hospital for alcohol poisoning. A horrifying drunken car crash may cause a lot of metal pressure later on.  

            In summary, alcohol should not exist.